Visit to Hermitage, Grenada

This was my first time in Hermitage, in the parish of Saint Patrick, located on the beautiful paradise of the island of Grenada. This is Teddy who showed me around Hermitage and shot the video below. Thanks Teddy!

Look at the wonderful view! Hermitage was once a large sugar estate, and is today well known for its views, and its many beautiful and friendly people. Hermitage reminded me of Brigue in Haiti. I felt at home. We Are The Caribbean, we are one family and one sweet nation.

N-ma Payne aka Nabil Abbu, and Teddy collaborated with me and Amical Arts Studio to host a weekend of free art classes for several budding artists. It was a beautiful experience working with them, as they learned how to express themselves through art. In the photos (taken by Jaden), the young ones showcase their talents, surrounded by nutmeg, cocoa, bamboo and beautiful nature. Thanks to Akieda for opening her house to me. Blessings.

Special thanks to Bishop Jon Jackson, Birmingham, UK. I am grateful for your donation of bibles (below).

Part of my job as a Cultural Ambassador for Haiti, is to promote Haitian Creoles everywhere I have a chance to put my feet. Children are the future of this planet. I believe the more love and education about different cultures that you share with them, the better you can prevent troubles from happening to this planet.

I started art classes in 2003 with the children from my beautiful family village of Brigue, in Petit Goave, Haiti. The photo below is the 2014 edition.

In Grenada, from 2014 to 2018, I have held several art, music and kreyól language classes for young people at the Grenada National Museum (below), and at the Alliance Française. The young people are an inspiration to me as well.

In Haiti, today, Sunday 28 June is Father’s Day. So, get ready to talk with me live on Facebook: Prensnelo Amical at 4:30 pm Grenada/Haiti time. Also you can email me at

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