Today, this still a painful day for Haitians worldwide

Today, 12 January 2022, we remember our loved ones, our friends and neighbours, artists and artisans Haiti lost 12 years ago. I have been awake since o’clock to send my regards and love 💕 to my Haitian friends and families.

The January 2010 earthquake which came from nowhere to kill over half a million families, and displace many many, many more, this tragedy does not stop us from being strong and surviving.

Finally, I understand it’s a rendezvous Haiti 🇭🇹 will have once in a while, and I don’t know for how long we will keep this relationship with earthquakes, because of where our country is located.

Yesterday, 11 January, again we have got a 4.6 magnitude earthquake a few kilometres from my hometown Petit-Goave. My adoptive son Casner asked me if I could feel it, of course he doesn’t know the distance between Uk 🇬🇧 and Haiti 🇭🇹... But I could feel it, in my soul, the repeat of 2010 when I was there and the days helping how I could, those were long and dark days.

Today on this still painful day for Haitians in Haiti and worldwide, I give special thanks 🙏 to the Almighty. I thank my brother Dodo who is my best friend; we grow together like Tom & Jerry you already know the rest of our story - it’s in one of my books. I thank all the Amical Ambassadors especially the Murrain, Hallard and Banton families. I thank Dany and Andrew from Jamaica 🇯🇲 and Mrs Florence from the Haitian community in the UK 🇬🇧

Whatever what could happen to you I will always love 💕 you Haiti 🇭🇹 viv Ayiti...cherie.

The children from my village create artworks to help them pay school fees. Please purchase and support via For donations via Moneygram, please email me at

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