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‘The Colour Of My Thought’ is part of my new series of mixed media/collage paintings inspired by African masks. Dimensions 11 1/4 X 14 inches.

‘The Colour Of My Thought’ is the name chosen by Albert Wallace, owner of BCAG, the Birmingham Contempory Art Gallery. I am honoured to be included in Black Artists selected for their Black History Exhibition, to promote our work in their prestigious art gallery and to be discovered by their clients and art collectors.

BCAG’s exhibition aim is 'to celebrate black history and culture through powerful imagery that will start a debate around access to opportunities for black artists in the UK, and start a movement using art as a social tool to advocate for equal opportunities, equal rights, development and exposure for black and ethnic minority emerging artists.'

It was my pleasure to celebrate 25 years as painter last year in Birmingham, and yes, I am looking forward to share my gift live once again in different parts of the UK. It is an honour for me to be part of the Artists of Black History Month 2020.

‘The Colour Of My Thought’ will be exhibited in the Birmingham Contempory Art Gallery with many other artists during Black History Month. If you are anywhere close by, please link with the BCAG staff for a private view. I have hundreds of artworks available for any invitation. Visit my paintings on

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