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Pop-up book sale, Grenville 29 May

Photo credit: Cemal Copeland, Writers Association of Grenada

The pop-up book sale yesterday, was wonderful! The car park was full. Grenville was thirsty for Grenadian books apparently, and they never stopped asking are we coming back next month! Sadly, that will take a while according to David Ambrose and the management team, but the good news is that we are doing an island tour! So there will be many opportunities to get books written by Grenadian authors.

Curliann Anastasia Mark, (Princess ANA), arts lover, journalist promotor and entrepreneur based in the parish of Saint Patrick, enjoyed her time during the pop-up book sale. ANA joined Amical Arts Studio and we are planning beachside painting workshops. Link with me on Facebook for information.

Between the Rhymes is now part of my book collection signed by the author, arts lover, and dramatist Kamille John of Grand-Anse. She is a member of the annual Voices Series production of the Writers Association of Grenada. I had the chance to work with them a few years ago at the Grenada National Museum.

Amy J.W. Jones shares the same passion as me working with children and has recently published her first book, to use literary skills to impact the lives of others.

Anybody, everybody can paint. Check my first book for more information. Special thanks to David Ambrose and Ronald Antoine for a wonderful event at Grenville.

Stay safe and blessed. Prensnelo.

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