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Hard work = Success

Amical Arts Studio congratulates Naomi Allard aka Prensèsmimi, who, after working hard over several months, received a trophy under 15 females. Prensèsmimi was born in 21 August 2006, and gets ready to celebrate her birthday today. Just a happy birthday will make her smile

She joined Right Step Soccer Academy (RSSA) in Pearls, Saint Andrew, the largest parish in Grenada, which occupies 38 sq mi (99 km2) of the west-central aspect of the island. The main town is Grenville, Grenada’s second largest town after the capital of St George's. Mimi sees her future as a great footballer, and Lionel Messi is the first name that comes to mind. When it comes to football clearly, she’s one of Argentina’s fans. She said training was a little bit hard. “When we had to go up those mountains, and come down, and when we had to do push-ups and sit-ups sometimes as punishment lol, it is hard. But that is for our benefits.”

Prensèsmimi agrees that because football can help us develop physically and socially, it helps us to understand the words Team, Love and Unity. A team is composed of members who are dependent on each other, and work towards common achievements. She said that our responsibility is to stand as a team, if not, we will lose the games. Our club is not really big; about 60 members in all.

Coaches Jake and Wendell and the 2 other female trainers have done the best they can to give us enough confidence as young players to stand for who we are. I love being in the club where I have to think about football and have a good time with my new family. Mimi does not hide her dreams to represent Grenada all over the world as a future cultural ambassador.

Prensèsmimi loves photography and art. She’s also passionate about food she loves to cook especially pizza. She loves writing stories: fiction, adventures, romance and comedy. Prensèsmimi sings and play guitar, and she’s working on 4 original songs: 1-I miss you; 2-Hopes are lost; 3-Trouble; 4-Fake friends. She doesn’t really know if she will wait until she finishes her album or if she will publish a demo at the end of 2021.

In the past few weeks, Prensèsmimi has been taking private art classes with Amical Arts Studio where she became a member and she thanks David Ambrose for this special link with Prensnelo who became her manager. Prensèsmimi loves learning abstract, surrealism and many more techniques. She is working on a series of seascape, landscape, and still-life paintings. She is an Amical Star. Her works will soon be shown at different events around the country, and can also be seen at Amical Art Gallery, in Sans Souci, St George, or on For more information call 1-473-420-8125 (WhatsApp) or direct.

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