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Haiti. Earthquake again.

Just a few weeks ago, my president Jovenel Moise, who named me as a Cultural Ambassador for my country, was assassinated by a united commando from everywhere: Columbia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and United States of America, plus his personal securities that he trusted in his own residence. Thanks Gods, justice has already started for my president. Dimitri Hérard (left) the President’s Palace Security Chief is in 'Penal' - the national penitentiary - one of the prisons you really don't want to find yourself in.

On 18 May, Haiti's Flag Day, I wrote about the president and the effects of the 2010 earthquake. Today, the topic is an earthquake hitting Haiti again. Bad damage was reported by some of my family and friends after today's magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Les Cayes/Aux Cayes (Okay in Haitian creole) in the south of Haiti.

Damaged home in Les Cayes. Photo: Jean Marc Haitian citizen UK

The tourism and livelihoods in these places will suffer from this earthquake today. Tourism in Les Cayes is significant in Haiti’s still under-developed industry, with the white sand Gelée Beach, one of the longest and most visited beaches, popular for its restaurants serving southern Haiti dishes. The August music festival features some of Haiti’s best Compas music bands. Other popular areas to visit are Camp Perrin, Les Cayes Botanical Gardens, Marie Jeanne cave in Port-a-Piment, Île à Vache, Pic Macaya and Saut-Mathurine falls Pointe-de-Sable beach in Port-Salut.

I have been to Camp Perrin so many times, with different friends and family, and today I am so sorry to hear some of my people are stuck and in trouble. Some I have no news yet about if they are still alive or not. So far, what I know is our family friend Pastor Fony - his wife is missing, and apparently, he has lost his sons and their families. Also, former mayor of Les Cayes, Senator Jean Gabriel Fortuné (left) has also died.

I am calling for urgent assistance for Les Cayes. Please donate via For donations via Moneygram, please email me at

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