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Amical in Action: March 2021

Amical in action is basically street art for you who see it for the first time. The name was given by Grenadian author and teacher David Ambrose when I did live painting on Saturday 27 March 2021 outside the Esplanade Mall in St George’s, as part of a book sale and live performance organized by David Ambrose.

Ashley Jhon Alexander is a quiet art lover who showed interest in art and painting. She joined Amical Arts Studio to develop her style as an artist and became an arts seller and networker. She assisted in a previous reading session by David Ambrose at Fort George.

®Fragrance Francique is a Grenadian/British director/creative movie producer, scriptwriter etc. He used to do art in school, and now he finds his way back to express himself back on canvas.

Anica Joseph is a Vincentian/Grenadian who was happy to participate in our live painting session. Her dream is to organize a painting workshop for children and give them confidence to be able to find their way in life. She is also showed interest in the art business, to sell paintings on social media.

The Amical in action was the third live painting experience on the Esplande by artist Prensnelo, with David Ambrose and other Grenadian authors bringing local books with local stories to the Grenadian public.

I have also done live painting sessions in Switzerland during a 3-month art residency at Open Spaces.

Allister Amada aka Lyrically Inclined is a young, ambitious theater performer whose live performance on the Esplanade was enjoyed by all. He is thinking how the partnership will work between his team and Amical Art Studio.

Also, yesterday, retired judge and author Rita Joseph Olivetti and author Ronald Antoine talked about the upcoming book sale for the last Saturday in May 2021. At this time, I will get ready to do another live painting session, so I hope team Amical will be ready to paint with me!

In Rita Joseph Olivetti’s book Red Door, she mentions the prison that became an art museum…yes, I have not read her book yet but I am excited to. On her social media page I saw this photo of her in a Haitian t-shirt…that attracted me to know more about why she’s so proud to carry Haiti on her chest (the Imperialism has done the best they could to destroy the Haitian images and people, but we are blessed. We are not easy to die…). Only intellect love and pride about Haiti…

This is David Ambrose and artist Prensnelo. I created the cover painting of White Spice, David’s famous novel.

Stay connected with Amical Arts Studio. For more painting sessions and events email Prensnelo at

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