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Abstract art

Untitled abstract #1, 2023 acrylics on canvas

Abstract art is a non-representational visual language. To my understanding, this is how abstract art is supposed to look. I should not be able to see any form, shape or subjects that can start any debate — play with the colours without outlining a definite structure.

Untitled abstract #2, 2023 acrylics on canvas

Abstract art emerged between 1905 and 1915 with modern art movement. I am unsure who created the first abstract artwork since several European and American artists worked in ‘abstract’ forms around the same time. In the middle, French artist Robert Delaunay painted the le Premiere Disque (1912) – a work that I totally disagree is abstract. Abstract to me is more like the work of American artist Jackson Pollock and Haitian abstract artist Frankétienne. It was a pleasure for me to meet Frankétienne in the early 1990s at Mario Calixte’s studio in Haiti.

This is me about 10 years ago practicing my abstract movement, but as I mentioned in my previous book, surrealism is my thing. Sometimes my abstract work takes years before I finish them. This sounds crazy, but the reality is that you are looking for something you don’t know to add to that art piece to please yourself before you can please the public eye.

Untitled abstract #3, 2023 acrylics on canvas

And how do I personally see abstract art? I express myself that way because there is no philosophy behind abstract art besides expression of feeling or letting your spirits play with the colours.

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