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Switzerland Art Residency

I have been painting for over 20 years, and my abstract artworks explore Haïtian identity, culture, history and tradition. Living in Grenada, I have discovered elements similar to that in Haïti and have incorporated this influence in my works. I have been to 4 residencies so far - in Haïti, France, Romania and China.

This year, I got accepted to Open Spaces – a contemporary arts residency in the Swiss Alps from September 15 – 30 November.This is a great opportunity to share my work and my culture with the people of Switzerland.


To accept this incredible opportunity, I need your assistance to help offset airfare and basic expenses for my stay (September 15 – 30 November).


As a reward for your generous support, (see below) I will send an original painting to you at the end of the residency:

  • USD $50 support: (acrylic-mixed media on canvas, 5x7 inches)

  • USD $100 support: (acrylic-mixed media on canvas, 8 x10 inches)

I will also provide updates about my journey and works in progress on my site and on my facebook page and via Whatsapp to the persons in my group.

Please email me at or inbox your email to and I will email you a Paypal invoice.

For persons who wish to donate outside of Paypal (in Grenada or in Haiti) whatsapp me at 14734181546 for instructions.

Thank you to my friends and new collectors of my work!

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