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Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea, London

October-November 2015

I travelled to London and participated in two events – the Parallax Art Fair, at the Chelsea Town Hall and the Autumn Show at La Galeria in Pall Mall – great opportunities to show my work and meet other artists. I arrived on Sunday 18 October. Since that time until Friday morning, I was painting hard in Helen’s studio, and feeling blessed to be here to take part in the October Fair - my first showing in London. At the preview I was very happy to receive diplomats from the Haitian Embassy in London. Haiti!

The following week, I showed my work at a second location in London. My work was part of the Autumn Show, a group exhibition at La Galeria Pall Mall which opened on Monday 2 November. I was very pleased with the feedback and good comments I received during opening night. I felt truly blessed that Maria and Patrick from Gabriel Fine Arts chose to represent my Art paintings at their gallery in two shows in November and December.

I also visited the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Modern and the British museums. Time was so short - too much to do and see! But I was very very glad to be able to attend an excellent workshop run by the London Film School - 'Chris Terrill: One Man and His Camera.'

I stayed for a week with friends in Slovenia. While I was there, I gave two presentations to the students at the Mengeš School, which is about 20 minutes from Spodnji Brnik, the village where I was staying. I was very happy to share my work and also share part of Haitian art and music culture with the students. I also visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. These are the paintings I worked on in Slovenia. I gifted one to the principal of the Mengeš Elementary School.

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