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Painting in Slovenia

November 2015


While I was in Spodnji Brnik, Slovenia I visited a man who keeps a lot of goats. Goats from the Himalayas and from different parts of Europe. I also listened to the news about the migrants crossing over into Slovena. These two events inspired me to produce this painting about the migrants, the goats and the mountains.



Art Workshop in Slovenia

November 2015


My first time in Europe! I was very happy to visit with artist colleagues, Lojze Kalinsek, and Irena Gayatri Horvat in Spodnji Brnik, Slovenia. During my week’s stay, I co-facilitated a workshop with presentations of my work to students at the Mengeš Elementary School, and held an artist talk with the Visual Arts Association of Mengeš



Art Residency in Grenada

February 2014


I was invited to Grenada for a 3-week art residency, and I stayed for a few months, painting in the country where one of the heroes of Haiti was born - Henri Christophe. During my time in Grenada, I participated in six exhibitions; conducted several workshops and created over 60 paintings.


This is the link to my Facebook page photo album about my residency, and the link to the Google search for articles about my residency in Grenada.

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