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It's a Wonderful LIfe... in Paris

Art Residency October-November 2015


Last year, I was blessed to be part of an art residency supported by Sans Souci Arts Studio in Grenada, birthplace of King Henri Christophe of Haiti. This October, my big adventure will be in Paris France for two weeks. I shall be creating new paintings inspired by exhibitions of my favourite painters: Picasso (Musée Picasso) and Dali (Espace Dalí), Monet (Centre Georges Pompidou) and Michelangelo (Louvre).


It was in Paris that Picasso experimented with a variety of art forms, pioneered and mastered styles which continue to influence artists around the world. As he said, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” I intend to use every minute of this opportunity of my two weeks in Paris, but it can only happen with your help.


Sans Souci Arts Studio Grenada is responsible for travel expenses but I still need to raise USD 2000 to cover the cost of a work/live-in studio, local transport and museum tickets. 



  • Every supporter will be listed on my website as a contributor to my residency.

  • As a Thank You for your support of US$10 or more, you will receive via email, a PDF of artworks I create in Paris.

  • As a Thank You for your support of US$100 or more, you will receive via email, a PDF of artworks I create, PLUS I will mail you an original, unstretched, unmounted painting - with your name on it - created just for you by me, in Paris.


Please support my Paris residency before 30 September. My PayPal account is available to receive your support. Thank you.



Art Residency in Grenada

February 2014


I was invited to Grenada for a 3-week art residency, and I stayed for a few months, painting in the country where one of the heroes of Haiti was born - Henri Christophe. During my time in Grenada, I participated in six exhibitions; conducted several workshops and created over 60 paintings.


This is the link to my Facebook page photo album about my residency, and the link to the Google search for articles about my residency in Grenada.

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