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Amical, at Sans Souci Arts Studio, Grenada
Amical, at Brigue Haiti
Amical, at Brigue Haiti

Amical, meaning ‘friendship,’ is registered in Grenada as a cultural center and art studio, under the Business Name Act, 2012. It was established in March 2015 by Haitian artist resident in Grenada Jean Renel Pierre Louis, to


  • promote Haitian-Grenadian cultural exchange through events in all artistic disciplines, including visual arts (painting, movies, books, theatre, music, dance), as well as Haitian Kreyole language classes.


  • create opportunities for members and friends to meet and network throughout the year: various shows, artistic exhibitions etc, organised in collaboration with institutional or private partners in Grenada and Haiti, and their Diasporas.


Amical is located at Sans Souci in the parish of Saint George, and provides a space where artists of all levels have the opportunity to explore their interest and passion for art and to develop skills for positive self-expression. (Upper photo)

As of 2016 a studio is being constructed in Brigue, Haiti, a village six hours from the capital city of Port au Prince. (Lower photos). This studio will provide classes for the children of Brigue to learn new skills in art as well as general education. We are looking for support or partnership to complete this first phase. Please consider a donation towards the completion of this studio.

Current Amical works in progress include:

  • Short film on Henri Christophe and his connection to Grenada

  • Haitian Kreyole classes

  • Community art centres in Petion Ville, Port au Prince and Brigue, Petit Goave, Haiti

  • Music videos


Amical International is a Whatsapp friendship space where artists unite to express themselves and their culture in their unique way. Please join via +44 7576 944540 (WhatsApp).












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